50 cm equal how many feet?

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I have a very simple question regarding the measurement. I am a 5th grade student and I often struggle when I come across questions that are related to the mathematical measurements. The question I happen to have is that 50 cm would be equal to how many feet?

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  1. Harry

     Most of the measurements happen to be very simple. The only thing is that most of us are not very much used to of taking measurements as we rarely apply it in our daily lives. As far as the mathematicians, engineers or even masons are concerned, they are taking measurements in routines so they are able to tell rather orally without making any calculations that how much of a meter will be equal to how much of a centimeter, millimeter, inches and etc. Now the question that how many feet are equal to 50 centimeter should be a very simple one to answer from anyone who has just a little bit of a common sense. Keeping in view that in these days common sense is also not very common, all what a person needs to understand this conversion is the use of a simple ruler. On foot ruler, we do see some measurements like centimeters and at times millimeters. Now it would be clear by holding the ruler in your hand that 30 centimeter is equal to 12 inches and 12 inches is equal to 1 foot. Now we can represent this as follows:

    1 ft = 12- inches = 30 centimeters

    30 centimeters = 1 ft

    50 centimeters = 1/30 x 50 = 1.67 ft

  2. Guest10566647
    50 cm how many feet

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