3 days old pygmi goat with lice.what is the solution?

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I rescued this little man yesterday, and today noticed the lice on him, so silly question, but can humans contract the lice too? Im not sure if im just itchy because i seen them or if he has contaminated me too.

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  1. Misha

     Of all the parasites of animals lice are the easiest to eliminate, and they pose no threat to you or your children. Treatment is relatively simple. The goat may be bathed with a pyrethrin shampoo, and after the goat is thoroughly dry, a pyrethrin spray or powder can be applied. This treatment will need to be repeated in 10-14 days since all of the nits will not be killed. Alternatively, permethrins are also effective against lice. Do NOT use permethrins on cats. Another option is fipronil (Frontline), which has been approved for the treatment and control of lice in goats. It usually is not necessary to treat the environment, but flea and tick foggers may help, especially in severe cases.

  2. Guest1120313
    hi ineed help i have a baby goat and he has a lot of lice and i have cylence i use it on my horse and it work but can i put it on the baby goat ?

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