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    "To provide social protection and promote the rights and welfare of the poor, vulnerable and the disadvantaged individual, family and community to contribute to poverty alleviation and empowerment through SWD policies, programs, projects and services implemented with or through LGUs, NGOs, POs, GOs and other members of civil society."

    DSWD Legal Bases


    Provide a balanced approach to welfare whereby the needs and interest of the population are addressed not only at the outbreak of crisis but more importantly at the stage that would inexorably lead to such crisis.

    - Executive Order No. 123

    An Act to Regulate the Practice of Social Work and the Operation of Social Work Agencies in the Philippines and for Other Purposes

    - Republic Act No. 4373

    Develop and implement a comprehensive social welfare program consisting of:
    o Prevention and remedial programs and services for individuals, families and communities;
    o Protective, remedial and development welfare services for children and youth;
    o Vocational rehabilitation and related services for the physically handicapped, ex-convict and individuals with special needs;
    o Training and research and special projects.

    - Republic Act No. 5416

    Consistent with local autonomy and decentralization, the provision for the delivery of basic services and facilities shall be devolved from the National Government to provinces, cities, municipalities, and barangays so that each Local Government Unit shall be responsible for a minimum set of services and facilities in accordance with established national policies, guidelines and standard.

    For purposes of this Rule, devolution shall mean the transfer of power and authority from the National Government to LGUs to enable them to perform specific functions and responsibilities.

    All NGAs shall conduct periodic consultations with appropriate LGUs, People s Organization, NGOs and other concerned sectors of the community before any project or program is implemented in their respective jurisdiction.

    - Republic Act No. 7160

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     ayaw nyo naman sumagot.

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