23991607 is this justin bieber's cell phone number

by Guest17461388  |  9 years, 8 month(s) ago

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  1. Guest19096878
    all u ppl liye i triyed a millions of numbers it wont work f**k of ppl anyways i love him too but pleazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz stop puting fake numbers ppl will call u evry single minut and time trust me and that is anoying trust me

  2. Guest17718147
    Oh.. i'm his secratary (from below) i mean it's 408-208-5055 oops.
  3. Guest17707532
    PLEASE DON'T LISTEN TO Guest17704049 BECAUSE HE'S LYING!!! :( THAT IS MY NUMBER AND I'VE BEEN GETTING A TON OF RANDOM CALLS FROM PEOPLE.. SO IF YOU COULD NOT CALL MY NUMBER (OR STOP CALLING MY NUMBER) THAT'D BE GREAT. I am assoiated with justin bieber: I am his secretary, but if you do not have anything truly impotant to tell me or justin about business then please do not call. it is my personal phone so it has my personal message.. -thank you for your understanding. JB says hi.
  4. Guest17704049
    No it is not, this is 480-208-5055 CALL it right away!
  5. Guest17466310
    well call it

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