2011 Chevrolet Corvette launching date

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I have a question about Chevrolet cars. I have been very much fond and brand loyal of the Chevrolet. I love to collect information and keep myself up to date about the Chevrolet vehicles. For this reason, I would like the know the Chevrolet Corvette 2011 launching date in order to confirm that when will the next model of Chevrolet Corvette will be on road.

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  1. Harry

    The Chevrolet Corvette is a classic car that has been in style for decades. The Corvette is going through a redesign, and many expect the next generation of the Corvette to reach consumers sometime in the middle of year 2011. The Corvette’s design is seen by many reviews as developing rather than being innovatory. Particularly, as reported by Chevrolet, and on and on Z06 ZR1, there are now new alloy wheels, 2.2 kg lighter than the previous. The semi-slick tires, made in collaboration with Michelin: 285/30 front and 335/25 at the rear. Besides, there is an 8% improvement in acceleration side and both models are fitted with a V8 engine: that of the Z06 delivers 512 hp while the ZR1 even 647 hp. The new Z06 will have to set the Performance Traction Management, sporty traction control system, which is already on the ZR1. Hence, it will also be available as an optional engine hood made of carbon fiber. ZR1 on the other hand, were modified gear ratios, with the fifth and sixth elongated to reduce consumption. Inside both are new leather seats with contrasting stitching, adding up to interior.


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