2007 Honda Odyssey - R15 vs R16

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My 2007 Honda Odyssey EX-L came with 235/65R16 tires and I want to buy winter tires and rims. My local tire store does not carry any winter tires of that size but suggested that I change to 235/70R15 tires and 15 inch rims to save money and for better winter handling. Is this change in rim and tire size acceptable? How would the new rims affect the tire-pressure monitoring in the van?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    R size denoted the size of the rim, R15 sometimes has a specification that is sometimes different from the R16. Normally the tyre comes with the specification like 195/65 R15 while on the other hand R16 normally comes with 205/55 R16. So its not just the size of the rim that matters but also the other specification of the tyres also matter like we are looking towards a bigger tyre in the size of 205/55 R16 rather than in the size for 195/65R15 size tyres.
    Both the tyres will respond in a different way. The change that you are talking about will be acceptable and will not cause you any problem in the future. The only difference here will be of the rim size and the difference in the 65 and 70 mark which means you will be having more rubber on the rim in the size of 70 as compared to the tyre of size 65. The reason what I feel is that you are recommended with the tyre of size 70 is that the more rubber you have, the more will be the comfort level of the vehicle and as Odyssey is a family fan so it does require some sort of level of comfort.

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