2006 magnetic no mint marks canada penny how much worth

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2006 magnetic no mint marks canada penny how much worth

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  1. Guest27974579

    were do i sell my 2006 magnetic penny perfect condition been sitting in a jar sice i got it with all my other pennys plz help want to get ride off it before i turn in all my pennys

  2. Guest21945531

    I found 2 of those coins. it took me a long time. they are very rare.

    I try to buy one off of  Ebay i was out bidded. it ended up selling for $79.89.


  3. Guest16541308
    Your penny in Question has a value of 50.00 - 1000.00. Depending on the Quality of the coin of course. In 2006 the Royal Canadian Mint switched the pennies core from a multi-ply steel core (magnetic) to a zinc core (non-magnetic). During mintage run some of the old steel core accidentally were mixed in with the new zinc cores. The pennies are identical except for the fact that the steel cores are attracted to a magnet. When checking your 2006 no mint mark pennies...keep a magnet handy. If not attracted to the magnet it is the common zinc core. If attracted to the is the steel core and is held at a premium value. treat them with care. To guarantee the higher dollar this coin can and will bring. Have yours graded if it is in excellent condition. Without grading you can sell it on ebay if you like. Be sure to take clear and sharp pictures of the coin. I would also take pictures with it attracted to a magnet as well. Good luck with it and great find.
  4. Guest12002728
    It depends on the condition, 50 to 1000 dollars.
  5. Ali Abdullah
    Hi There, The cent was made of copper and zinc, neither of which is magnetic. If the coin has been plated after it left the mint in some metal to make it magnetic then it would be considered damaged and with very low value. There were over 226 million with the D (Denver's mint mark) minted that year. You might take it by a local coin shop for a first hand opinion if it is a regular cent but magnetic. Value also depends on the amount of wear a coin has and a regular cent is worth less than a dollar at best. Thanks

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