Where to buy 2006 Barry Fan club Calendar?

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I am a big fan of Barry Manilow, and I am desperately looking for the Barry Manilow, 2006 calender. I would like to have a copy of this calendar. If anyone has a copy of the 2006 Barry calendar, ask him to contact me, it is a calendar, in which he is wearing is wearing a multi striped shirt, and his arms are folded across his chest. This calendar was specially made for the Barry Manilow fan club, I even contacted people at starz bz, but they sold out all the Barry Manilow’s calendar’s copies, and were left with nothing, can you help me know, from where I can buy Barry Manilow 2006 calendar copies. I have collected many Barry Manilow items, and would love to have this calendar in my collections list. I would be extremely grateful for your help and assistance.

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  1. Mitchel

     You have come to a right place with your legitimate query. I have simple answer for your query, concerning the acquisition of a copy of the 2006 Barry calendar. If you are unable to get the calendar from, as they are out of stock. My generous advice to you is that you should access Ebay. There you can find a lot of Barry items on sale at Ebay, although I am not totally sure that you will be able to find the 2006 calendar at EBay. Still I would advise you to check it out though. I hope that my information yields a positive result.

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