2004 GMC Envoy XL is having idling problems. RPMs fluctuating...

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I have a '04 envoy XL with a really bizarre idling problem. My mechanic can't seem to figure this one out so I'm hoping the experts here at can provide some much needed clarity. Here's the issue:

While idling I am getting some itermittent (it only happens every once and a while) fluctuations in RPMs. It drops down to about 200RMPs and then revs back up and then drops down again, over and over while in idle. Sometimes after a few times of doing this it will actually stall out. No problem starting right back up though.

Now here is the really weird thing...It only happens when the blower fan (for the A/C / heat air control) is on. If it starts up, I can always make it stop by turning off the air.

The really, really weird thing...I can always trigger the problem by turning on the air recirculation blower fan setting. As soon as I push the button to recirculate air, it will trigger the problem every time.

This problem seemed to start right after I got a dead battery and replaced both my battery and the main (125 amp i believe) fuse on the outside of the fuse box. For this reason, I think it must be something electrical related.

Ideas? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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  1. Guest27864578

    I am having the same problem except it happens even when the blower is off and it is definitly not my battery.  It started just a few weeks ago after I replaced my tranny.  Never happened before I had the tranny done.  Same as with you it happens randomly.  I have also noticed that if I drive it when having this idling issue, the car seems to run sluggish. I also hear a clicking when the relay hits...but still even when blower is off. Any other suggestions?

  2. Guest27344660

    This problem is the air conditioning relay i have the same issue and had the vechicle in and on the scope it gave the reading of code R3115

  3. Guest22556883

    I am having the same problem, I did not have a dead battery, but I did disconnect the battery for a day while I made some repairs. 4x4 repairs. As far as of now I have not thrown a code except for p0442 which is a small evap leak. I do notice that if I turn the blower off it reduces the chances of it happening. If I get it figured out I will repost. My first thought is that the idle control in the cpu may have an incorrect value. However I have recently noticed that it is stuttering at driving speeds.Which makes me assume it is something else. I have also begun disconnecting electrical plugs, cleaning and drying them out and resealing them.

  4. Guest20730132
    i have the same problem even replacing a dead battery

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