2001 GMC Yukon Service Engine Soon light. my service engine light on my 2001 yukon just came on -

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my service engine light on my 2001 yukon just came on - I understand it can be related to overfilling the gas tank. Is there a way to eliminate this problem without going to a gmc service - none are open over the labor day holiday

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  1. Guest28074814

    I had my battery disconnected last year and had to have all my sensors reset before I could have my smog test done I was told because I unplugged my battery I had to reset all my sensors i drove my truck 90 miles and it only reset 5 of the sensors and i needed 2 more to be reset i looked on the internet and found a real easy way to reset the three sensors sitting in my driveway i forgot the steps they were easy do you know them

  2. Ali Abdullah
    Hi, On vehicles newer than 1996 it is as simple as disconnecting the battery. Take the negative cable loose off of the battery and let the truck sit for about 10-15 minutes for the computer power to drop off and just hook the battery back up and start. This should take care of your problem Hope it helps

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