2000 jeep grand cherokee air conditioner?

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How can I replace the air conditioner of my Grand Cherokee 2000 model jeep? Please help me in that regard!

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  1. James Augustus

    You need to be familiar with air conditioning system of your car and parts which are used in it. Car manuals are available on the Internet or at your local book store for repairing car parts.
    First you need to check for coolant leaks. Fluorescent die kit is easily available at many stores which helps you to know for leaks.
    Recharge your air conditioning system if it has a slow leak. Get air conditioners recharging kits from your local auto supply retailer.
    You need to know for a bad compressor clutch. If the blower is functioning correctly and the compressor clutch is not working under the hood, then the clutch may need to replace..
    Now locate for other problems that may help you to fix your system without changing the entire system. Other problems may be in fuses, switches, fan belts or it could be because of seal failure inside the compressor.
    Determine your problem and decide the replacing of part or entire system if it needs to be changed. You can get few parts from auto supply store and check and fix them if they are in working condition.
    You should remove only those parts which are not working or faulty. Now you need to clamp off parts of your air conditioning system that are not working.
    I hope this all will be very helpful for you. Good Luck!

  2. Guest10671522
    I have a problem with the cooling fan. It won't turn on when it is hot. What should I do?

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