2000 Honda Passport V6 3.2L 4WD Automatic

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Hi ~ Our Passport has only 75,000 miles on it. We bought it used with 45,000 mile about three years ago. We love it. Every once in a while maybe four times a year after we back the car out of the garage we start to drive it and about a block or two down the road it starts to shift gears a little as we come to the stop sign. then I start up and its shift gears again then we stop the car and notice the D on the dash is not lit up green color. All elites are out on the automatic screen. We turn the key off and try to start over with car at P and most of the time it does OK. We are getting into the habit now of looking at the Dash Transition lights before we start out and make sure we are in the proper gear before we go. I talked to the local Honda dealer repair shop and they didn't know anything about the problem I described. He thought maybe the transition might be going out can't check it out because it is random problem. Have a suggestion??? Arlan Blodgett

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