2000 Ford F250 XLT Superduty 4X4 tires.

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Hello there, I bought this truck to tow a 5th wheel 30 9500 lb travel trailer. I need new tires for my truck and confused with the right choice of tires. Should I buy what is recommended by Ford (speed, load, rating), or look for something that will enhance (safety & fuel economy) while towing? Is there such a tire? I visited Consumer Reports and them only cover light duty trucks and I consider mine to be more than light especially towing a 30 trailer. The current tires are L2857516D. What would you suggest me? I am looking for some expert opinion on this. Have anyone ever experienced this? Please share your expertise here. I would really appreciate the favor. Thanks for your time.

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    Your truck is considered light duty until you get into tow truck size like F500-F650's. 265/75/16 is the original OE tire on their, somebody put 285's on there. Load range E there's plenty of choices out there. Michelin LTX M+S, Goodyear Wrangler RT/S, Keep in mind these tires are not going to last seeing you're towing a trailer. How often do you tow this? Try to make a calculation and choose the best tire from the above mentioned companies. I have told the best I know about these cars. I would love to help you more but I think by this answer you will have a clear idea of right choice of tires. Best of luck with your search.

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