2 Nights Live by Barry Manilow

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I am new to this site, so there is a possibility that this question may have been asked before. My question is that do you know a release date yet for 2 Nights Live? I thought it was supposed to be out earlier in the year and heard that it was delayed, but just wondering if you had a more specific date. Thank you!

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  1. Harry

    2 Nights Live! Is, as the title suggests a live compilation album of a two-night concert released by Barry Manilow in 2004.Original release date was scheduled for February 2003. It was pulled because supposedly Barry wanted to include pictures from ALL of his tours over the past 30 years. Then the BMIFC said it would be released on May 30th. There is no doubt that BMIFC are very reliable. One of the press statements I read about Barry breaking his nose in early June said he was still mixing the album, so who knows what the holdup is? There have been such news like both September and November release dates bounced around, but it seems there is nothing definite yet. It has been seen over the years that sometimes it gets a bit too long for the Barry’s management to release a certain track or an album. No one knows that what is the actual reason behind such delays? However, the only possibility is that it is the management which decides certain revenue to be generated by an album, concert or a simple song. If the projection is going against what is estimated, there is always a delay in the release.

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