Where to put new tires, front or back?

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When buying two new tires, do I put them on the front or back?

I bought two new tires from Discount Tire, and as my practice is, I asked for the pretty good used front ones to be moved to the back, and the new ones put on the front because the front wears faster and the traction and handling is more critical on the front. The salesman told me a study from a manufacturer said it is dangerous to put the new tires on the front because and I will try to use his explanation - in adverse weather the new front tires will make me feel more confident and I will drive faster in bad weather, making the back of the car swing around in a skid. After a pause, I laughed and said that was the stupidest think I have ever heard and told him to put the new tires on the front where they belong.

Have you heard of any such study, and is that the dumbest thing YOU have ever heard as well?

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  1. John

    Not only do I know about this study, I conducted it!

    We set up 3 cars - 1) all new tires, 2) new tires on the back, worn tires on the front 3) New tires on the front, worn tires on the back.

    Then we drove around a large skid pad where one section had some water running across it.

    Car #1 – did not notice the water was there.

    Car #2 - the front end hydroplaned, but once you left the water, you were pointed in the right direction and could regain control.

    Car #3 - The rear end hydroplaned and spun around - there was no warning and there was no driving out of it.

    I let 100s of people drive the 3 cars and the results were always the same. And the folks at Discount Tire drove these cars as well. Either the person you talked to has firsthand experience - or he talked to someone with firsthand experience.

    If I were to put you in those 3 cars – you would be a believer, too!

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