2.2 cavalier eng fuel pump works,have spark .

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2.2 cavalier eng fuel pump works,have spark .

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  1. Ali Abdullah
    Hi, If it fires on the carb cleaner, have an assistant crank while you tap on the fuel tank underneath the vehcile. If the fuel pump is going, often hitting the tank lightly with a hammer will shock the pump into operating, this will not only condemn the pump failure but, might be able to get the vehicle home. If it does not fire on the carburator cleaner, then spark will need to be checked. To check for spark, you'll need a spare tester spark plug. Pull a spark plug wire and place the tester plug in there, ground the metal portion of the spark plug to any goor metal on the engine and have an assisstant crank the engine, monitor the electrode end for good spark. Let me know your outcome, if it's spark related, we'll need the code fisrt, because it can entail what sensor(s) may be causing a loss of spark Read more:

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