1st i want to go to school iam on diabalty with ra and dvr said no me i know iam aloud to but how

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ive jump the hops to be told no that dvr will not help me with wat i want and good luck in it i want to get into photography and belive i can make this work for me to get my life back but was told only school cost no living so wat can i get to caver every thing one i cant do wat i used to do for work and if i find part time work i can only make a littal and thayd tack that out of wat thay give me so id not be getting eny waer on paying my bills as is i barly getting buy bill colects up the but but iam, getting them slowly payd off as i try to get buy on wat thay give me at the same time i dont get much help on it so agemn my best beat is to get inschool and back to work all the info and help i can get is wat i nede the sistem make me feal its not thare for me

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