1998 gmc sonoma fuel pump?

by Guest6406  |  11 years, 11 month(s) ago

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the fuel pump comes on when you turn the truck on could it be bad.if i put gas in the carb it will crank.

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  1. Guest23351718

     Need Help again...truck hard to start..ONLY IN THE MORNINGS is the problem......

    I turn key on ..hear fuel pump pumping...wait a second and then turn key to start..engine turns over but does not start  ...repeat about 3 times after the 3 or 4th try it starts...and no problem the rest of the day...starts at first try...

    any one have this problem..after talking to some people they tell me that Chevys and GMC trucks between 75k and 100k miles that the FUEL PUMP goes out...not the case here becuse it only hpens in the mornings or first try after truck has been sitting for a while..

    Help Help////


  2. ventura francokiko

    I have a problem with my 1998 GMC Sonoma..

    I put some gas in carb,engine started, it shut itself off immediately...Then I Took inline filter off, Turned ignition turned on..Got a bit of gas from fuel line after a few seconds..nothing more.

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