1996 Volkswagen Jetta horn not working

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I have a 96 Jetta GL 2.0 5 speed. A great car, recently I have lost my horn. I checked the fuse and I know it is not that. There is a high and a low tone which both need to be replaced. Can I use an aftermarket part? Or should I check out a junk yard? Or do I have to go to VW? My 1996 Jetta horn does not work. The fuse and the relay have checked out good. Is there anyone who can help me in detail please? Thanks a lot.

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  1. Angelina

     Check the hooter, when you take out the hooter and gaze at the back you will glimpse a adapt attach with closing mastic on it. You can eliminate the closing stuff and trial to adapt the horn. This only works if the coil is not broken. But first you have to ascertain the attachment interior the guiding wheel. Make certain the swap in the guiding wheel is producing communicate to earth. If this all doesn’t work you have to purchase a new one.
    It is established on the driver's edge behind the bumper assembly and the wheel.
    You may require eliminating the artificial guard in the wheel liner or under the vehicle to gain getting access to it.
    You can furthermore ascertain the wiring because in VW's they have two horns! one in the traveler finder and the other in the grill burst the guiding wheel off and take a gaze at that or ascertain the hooter if all examines good then you could use a aftermarket one but you would have to splice the wires into the new hooter but if you proceed to vw then they will give u a supply replacement.

  2. Guest5148412
    96 VW Gls horn not working, have replaced fuse and a new horn still not working.

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