1995 mitsubishi eclipse gs 2.0 non turbo manuel

by phillip  |  11 years, 1 month(s) ago

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1995 mitsubishi eclipse gs 2.0 non turbo manuel

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  1. Guest19704283
    go and do this when the car is off turn your key ON,OFF,ON,OFF and then back on with in five seconds......your engine light should flash a code by blinking....any pause longer than 1-2 seconds starts the next didget....any pause longer than five seconds starts a new code, longer than 8 seconds and it will replay the same codes......after getting your codes look them up or ask a having the exact same problem with my 1995 eclipse

  2. Guest18243614
    my eclispe cranks and runs........... it jus shuts off without warning... its not the fuel pump, any belts or the coil pack........ and i was jus wondering what could it be......... i thought it could be the computer of the car but i jus purchased one about five months ago.......... so i need help please
  3. Ali Abdullah
    Hi, service manual for your car (can be purchased for about $15 from most auto parts stores). I'd also recommend having your car's computer inspected for damage. If the computer has problems and is malfunctiong, it can cause problems like the ones you're experiencing. Good luck!

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