The auto transmission fluid capacity in Toyota Camry model1989

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I have a question regarding one of my favourite brands of cars which is known all over the world as Toyota Camry. I have learnt a lot of things about the mechanics of the latest Toyota Camry. Somehow, I am not in a position to buy the latest model so I am going for the 1989 model. The question which I happen to have about this car, infact the one and only concern that what is the auto transmission fluid capacity in Toyota Camry model 1989?

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  1. Harry

     The Toyota Camry is a series of mid-size (originally compact) automobiles manufactured by Toyota since 1982, and sold in the majority of automotive markets throughout the world. Between the years of 1980 and 1982, the "Camry" nameplate was delegated to a four-door sedan, known as the Toyota Celica Camry. The name "Camry" is an Anglicized phonetic transcription of the Japanese word Kanmuri meaning "crown" ‘. This follows Toyota's naming tradition of using the crown name for primary models starting with the Toyota Crown in 1955, continuing with the Toyota Corona and Corolla; the Latin words for "crown" and "small crown", respectively. Now as fat as the auto transmission fluid capacity of Toyota Camry is concerned, then in the year 1989, the 1.8-liter engine was dropped, and was replaced with the 2.0-liter carbureted engine, until early 1991, when the EFI version of was made standard. This was the result of the introduction of more stringent emission standards in Australia.

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    Transmission fluid capacity?

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