1986 Chevy 1 ton Military Pickup with 6.2L Diesel Engine

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I have an interest in one of these with low mileage.  Are the 1986 Military Diesels the same as the civilian models that had so many problems with heads and head gaskets?  Or, did it have a heavier duty block and head than the civilian models?

Also, do they require a lot of maintenance to keep running?

How about fuel consumption?

Thanks for whatever help you can give me.


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  1. Guest28122782

    We have 2 of these trucks that won't charge. One charges somewhat and only has to be charged every few days. The other one will not make it through the day without a battery charge. And when they get well into the yellow on the meter, they will die. I've heard there are relays under the dash, maybe behind the radio that get stuck. Maybe a cleaning of the contacts or replacement if they can be found, don't know. Just an idea. Good luck.


  2. Mitchel

    Looks like you are looking at a 1986 Chevy Pickup 1 ton. Well the pickups are actually 1 1/4 ton. As wierd as it may sound. The parts are the same as a 1 ton,but I believe the leaf springs are a heavy duty. Now on these pickups they made 2 differant models with differant gear ratios. I will have to do a little research to find out the differant ratios. The model we have problems with has the real high gear ratio. If you plan on traveling down a high way at speed limit, these were not designed for that.What I am talking about is at 45mph the engine is reved so high,just seems like there should be one more gear to shift into but there isnt.These were designed for tactical of road purposes.So with that said at a high RPM for say 60-70 miles, the fuel consumption is high, and then we have problems with the engine througing belts,rear main seal oil leaks, anything else you can think of with high RPM for a period of time.So if you drive this pickup and you get up to speed say 45-55 and your not looking out your mirror waiting for a piston to come out from underneath the truck, or wanting to shift gears, then it is one of the good ones.

  3. Guest22678845

    How do you get the original steering stabalizer off?

  4. Guest22108006

     We are a search and rescue team which is having trouble with our 1986 diesel military vehicle.  It's not charging and there's no juice to the passenger side altenator, but it tests fine.  Anyone have any ideas?  


    JenChristian at gmail dot com

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