1983 Mercedes 300D Turbo won't start

by Namgyal Dorje  |  11 years, 1 month(s) ago

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I've been having this problem for a while where my car in unreliable when I want it to start. It acts like the battery is dead (no lights or any reaction when I put key in). I put in a new battery a week ago and I did the headlight test and they only dim slightly when I turn car on. Sometimes the glow plug light and other lights glow very bright and sometimes they are dim. It is all unpredictable and sporadic, but once the car runs it runs great. I also had a mechanic put in a new starter about 2 months ago. The glow plugs are about 2 years (10,000 miles) old, but 2 months ago they were getting enough voltage to do their thing. The other interesting thing is that 2 owners ago they were having issue with glow plugs burning out and the past 3 batteries have been changed at about 8,000 mile intervals.

Any Ideas??

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  1. Musab
    You better get your electricity generator checked as its generating variable amperes for power and the electrifier may be having some fault, have a check and if its faulty just replace it and after that have a voltage transfer test for main power cable (electricity generator and distributor) it might help you

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