Name of 1980s Wilderness Film about a girl and a guy.

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Just happened on to you from a Google search. This is a question from an acquaintance told him I would try to find out, I am trying to figure out the name of a movie I saw back in maybe the 80s. A girl marries this guy and he has these grandeur dreams of being a mountain man, trapper, living off the land, etc. So, contrary to what she wants, they move to Alaska, I think this is where it was.
During the winter he goes out trapping or hunting and never returns. She is left to fend for herself in the wilderness. There is a scene where when she realizes he is not coming back, she screams and curses him as she looks across the lake.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    The scene that you have plotted describes about the movie “Silence of the North”, it is a Canadian film, It was released in the year 1981. The cast of the movie included actors like Tom Skerritt, Gordon Pinsent and Ellen Burstyn. The director of the movie was Allan King who was nominated for Genie Awards, as well as three actors were also nominated for the awards. The original name of the movie was “Comes a Time” and it was by country singer Lacy J Dalton, but then at the last minute it was re titled. Although as a whole the movie was flop but due to its good songs and TV play it won the award.

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