HBO movie of 1980s

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In the early 80s .This movie was on HBO a lot. It was about lions surrounding a house. The people built a cage and got out of the house that way. Is there any website that might help me out regarding my query?

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  1. Angelina

     The name of the movie was "Savage Harvest" and it was released in 1981. In the star cast of this movie are Tom Skerritt and Michelle Phillips and was about a dignity of lions that strike a family in Africa, surrounding the dwelling, and seeking to get in persistently, with scenes of lions approaching down the chimney and strolling over the kitchen sink.
    Unfortunately, it would emerge that it is not formally accessible on VHS or storage disc, whereas you may be adept to find an exact duplicate on eBay.
    You can glimpse a couple of stills from the movie at the site mentioned below.
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