Press Conference of Elvis Presley in 1969.

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I am interested in knowing about the interview of Elvis Presley in 1969, what type of interview it was, what type of questions were asked, can anyone tell me about it?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Elvis Presley went through many interviews after he became popular but his interview of the year 1969 became very popular. He was asked many important and personal questions at that time which revealed some important facts of his life. He was asked his live performance as why he took so long to perform live. Elvis replied about that due to his other activities he started late but it was a wonderful experience. He also went to Vegas when he was 21 years old he told the media about it. He also told the media that he would love to be a father one day. He also revealed his interests in swimming and horse riding and also he told about his talking with tourists and hanging with them.
    He talked about his lifestyle and about his fitness , how he was able to manage all such activities and also he talked about his movie and its script, what was the good thing about it and what he wanted to change in that. He also confessed about making too much songs in the movie, as it resulted in decrease in the quality of music. He also told the media about his meeting with band The Beatles and said that he really enjoyed it and although he wore leather jackets in some of his songs but he did not like it since they are too hot and it make difficult in case of performing song.

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