The 1959 silver penny

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I have my question regarding the coin I discovered. Actually I have found a silver penny of 1959, with no place of mintage under the date. It looks just like a normal penny but is completely silver just like a dime. As far as the look of the coin is concerned, it is pretty much in an immaculate condition.

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    My brother built his own ham radio when he was in high school back in the '70's. He used a silver etching to make the circuit boards ( I don't think it was actually silver, probably aluminum). He started coating pennies with it and passing them out as a "prank."  I'm sure that other people probably had the same idea & that is probably what you have.

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    Talking about the present currency of the US, there are no silver US cents made. The current cents are made up of Zinc, which is a silver-whitish metal coated in copper. If the Cent is shiny at all it is likely just a novelty or an item of coin collectors. The US mint did not strike it like this. If the coin is the correct size and within the weight tolerances of a normal cent, then there are a few possibilities. It may be polished after the coin left the mint, with certain polishing mediums a silver look can be achieved. I have even seen cents cleaned in silver cleaners that change their color to silvery tint. Most probably it can be plated with nickel or chrome. Copper takes plating well but if you magnify the fillets area, where the raised lettering is mentioned, you will find a build-up of the plating material. The things like this are worthless to collectors. Most coin shops and all coin Shows Large or small will have people knowledgeable enough to identify this piece without any charge hopefully. An old experienced banker can also be helpful I this regard.

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