1957 copper penny?

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I have a penny. The date on the penny is 1957. On the back of it says one cent. Someone just told me it was a weakling penny. Can anyone tell me how much it is today?

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  1. Angelina

     1957 copper penny may be of one cent or perhaps 2cents at best. Over 1.2 billion were minted between the two mints hardworking at the time, Philadelphia and Denver.
    You’re not getting large-scale bucks for that if that is what you’re hoping. Wait one century years for that. That penny is not actually worth more than a penny. Sorry to shatter it to you. The other persons saying it is are lying. If a shiny penny from 1943 is only worth 2 dollars how much could a usual penny or weakling penny be worth. I glimpsed a commentary saying the 1943 penny was worth 10,000 dollars its worth two. If the 1943 penny was not shiny than you would be looking at a large wad of cash. This is the truth. I am a coin collector and gaze into this stuff all the time. Look for pennies that are twice published or certain thing like that. Hope this was helpful. You will find these pennies all your life don't gaze into producing a dwelling off it or even producing sufficient for broth off it.
    The coin weighs 2.5 gm of which only 2.5% (0.025) is copper, so there's only 2.5 X 0.025 = .0625 grams of copper in the plating. At today's charges that allowance of steel is worth about 4/100 of a cent!
    If you're conversing about older cents, they're made of a bronze alloy encompassing 95% copper, which makes the steel in them worth about 1.7¢ IF you could get sufficient of them simultaneously to make them worth dissolving and IF dissolving cents weren't illegal.
    New cents get spend them. Old cents, ascertain with a cost direct, trader, or collector to glimpse if they might be worth more as collectibles. Many aren't, but some cents from the 1930s and previous can be worth a premium. In any case, you have to understand the coins' exact designated days, situation, and mint brands to work out their likely worth as collectibles.

  2. Guest4605924
    I found a 1957 wheat copper penny. It is not a D code. Any idea how much it is worth, if anything?
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