1956 Mark III Magnatone Deluxe Value and other information needed

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Hello, I recently bought an old 1956 Mark III Magnatone Deluxe from a friend of a friend. I tried to find details about it online but I am unable to find any good piece of information. I actually want to know its value, just to see whether it is a good deal or I just wasted money. The only information I could extract is that this is a workable guitar made by Magnatone. The one I have got has the original case, pearl front, straight neck, frets great, has somewhere on the back of the neck, from past artist, and a space of about 3 inches on back of neck is worn, from where hand would have slid on neck. The back of the guitar is a sun-burst look. Can someone please tell me how to find details about it, especially the value or if you can tell me how much would it be?

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  1. Danial

    Well, I think no one can exactly have a even a rough idea about the 1956 Mark III Magnatone Deluxe guitar that you have recently got, because without holding and or playing it is hard to estimate. So it is better to take it to some guitar dealers and they can guide you right! , I can only state that as a person from a family of guitar players, with a large collection, it is in good condition.
    By the way, there is an online resource that I can tell you. It is where you can find some guitar experts online and they may help you!

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