What are some of the famous Elvis costumes?

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I am interested in costumes of Elvis and the clothes of 1950’s, can you tell me about what are the types of those costumes and where can I find one?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    There are multiple costumes of Elvis which are famous all over the world and are still appreciated even now and people at that time followed that pattern of design of clothes and also followed that type of clothes for their self. One famous costume of Elvis is known as
    Elvis Costume
    Aloha from Hawaii Jumpsuit
    This was a very special costume of Elvis and he first wore it for the Landmark Elvis television special “Elvis Aloha from Hawaii”. It was January the 14th in the year 1973. There were lots of items printed on the costume in the color Red, gold and blue Gems and also there were different items printed on it like American Eagle. The belt of the costume was also multi colored and decorated with American Eagle. In the closing song Elvis threw his belt and his cap towards the audience and then finished the song. After this there was a series of events that occurred in resulting the pulling up the cap and belt of the singer Elvis Presley.
    Another costume of Elvis Presley was named as King Rock Star. It is of superior quality. It included 70’s fully lined jumpsuit with front zipper opening, there were red satin insets at the side of the pants and it also had a very nicely decorated belt. Some other famous costumes of Elvis were “Rhinestone Jumpsuit with Cape”. “Burning Love Jumpsuit” was also one of his favorite costumes. Before wearing White Jumpsuits Elvis also wore Gold Lame Costume.

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