1950 50 pfennig bundesrepublik deutschland coin. I was digging through a bank and found this coin

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I was digging through a bank and found this coin . Can you tell me what it is and what if anything is it worth.

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  1. Guest22430085

    Hi I have a currency of 50 of the 1950 Deutschland deBundesrepublik sell it if they want to write

  2. Guest22013369

     oie yo tengo una 2 monedas de  10 PFENNIG 1950 BUNDESREPUBLIK DEUTSCHLAND

    soi de mexico me puedes decir en donde las puedo cambiar y cuanto me darian por ellas 

  3. Guest20686484
    how much 1950 10 pfenning bundesrepublik deutschland worth above10 is 1
  4. Guest19656460
    Actually this coin is worth close to 300 dollars per this site:
  5. Ali Abdullah
    Hi, There were 143.5 million of these copper-nickel West German 50 pfennig coins minted in Stuttgart (F) that year and it may be worth up to about .50 in rhat condition of wear. You might also try a library for a copy of the Standard Catalog of World Coins for pictures, values and lots more interesting info. Thanks

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