1776 American Liberty coin

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I have a coin that was passed down to me. I'd really like to know if it has any value. I've never seen anything like it. It's actually black. Probably from time. On one side it has 1776 and a tree with 9 branches and on the other side it has WM and American Liberty printed on it. Has anyone seen this kind of coin before?




  1. Guest27635302

    I have a copper one as well, on the side with the 1776 there is a C at the bottom, american liberty WM in the center on the opposite, just would like to know more about it, found it in an abanded house I was cleaning out about a decade ago.

  2. Guest24964727

    I also have one, but mine has been sealed for quite some time. It's silver, but under the WM there is a "T" leading me to believe it is one of the replicas,However, I've never run across anybody else to has a T on theirs.

  3. Guest24780408

    n***a mine's real, how much do you want for it

  4. Guest23944434

    I sold this coin about 6 yeares ago, plus I have one more

    It sod on ebay for 1700.00 dollares I found it in Pa in a old saddle bag

    with a bunch of other coins its really a token yes they were in use back then

    plus i have a forged 1 yet

  5. Guest22644177

    I also have one of these coins which I found in the dirt in Virginia back in 1981. It appears to be copper and there seems to be enamel or something still evident on the side with the tree.

  6. Guest21688823

    i also have one identical to yours


  7. Guest20934958
    what is a 1776 william moulton copper coin worth?a8KJE
  8. Guest19552778
    The Coin That You Have ; I Actually Have One Too And If You Look Carefully Underneath The WM It Would Say Copy Or I Guess Real..
  9. Guest17196276
    Yes I have one as well. It's said that it was made by William Moulton but was never approved and it is believed that the coins were never circulated, however copies of the coins were made as memorabilia and sold for 2-3 dollars. I'm not sure if urs is a copy or real. You need to take it in to a pro. cuz if it's real then it has a significant value. They said by looking at the edge of the coin u can tell if its real or a copy. The WM $ was also 100% copper.
  10. Guest15099130
    i have one too i need to know how much its worth

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