16 year old babysitter bathing an eleven year old boy?

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Starting next Wednesday I am babysitting an eleven year old boy whose mother I already knew. I am 16 years old and I have been a babysitter before for a younger boy and a girl and it went fine.
The mother told me the boy washes by himself but she wants me to check him while he is taking bath, as she always does, just to make sure he washes properly, which she says he does not do if he is left unsupervised. I have bathed both the 5 year old boy and the girl I have been a babysitter for. It went fine.
This boy however is older and he may not like a girl checking him while he is bathing and naked. I do not know because I have never been a babysitter for an eleven year old boy.
Have you ever been a babysitter for a boy this age and did you use to bath him or check him in the bath? How did it went?
How old were you when you did it?

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  1. Guest28168136
    I babysit a 9 year old boy. I'm a 15 year od girl. His mom has a second job so we are together a lot of time with him. She told me to bath him every night. He is a big kid for 9. He's getting erections every time I touch his p***s area. He laughs over it. His mom said he does the same with her so no biggy. He likes me and don't mind me seeing him naked at all. Its a little bit strange handling a boys erection but Im getting used to it. If the boy is O.K. with it don't worry about it.

  2. Guest27568705

    My sister, 2 years older than me, bathed me until I was 15 a year after puberty started, and it was just fine.  In fact it was a very important part of my growing up.  An 11 year old is just that.  Be respectful and atune to his wants and needs.  If you sense he wants to do it himself - leave and let him.  He's not going to drown at 11.

  3. Guest17396893
    To Guest 17368425: well we don't now if your a male or a female, but I can assure you that it makes no difference if he has entered puberty or not, makes no difference if his mom has seem him nude or not, the act of a parent , guardian or sitter engaging in this type of behavior is illegal, against the law to be blunt, Harmful to the boy ( or girl as the case may be), can and will get you arrested and labeled as a s*x offender. The laws are there, look them up, call child protective services! Stupid remarks like this are simply appalling. If your a male, your fantasy's have kicked into overdrive, the expectation and the reality is far different from one another. There is no tolerance for child abuse, and this is in fact child abuse!!!!!!!
  4. Guest17368425
    I don't think it's that big a deal. As others have said, he's used to his mom seeing him and supervising his bath. His mom has hired you to do a job babysitting him, and if part of the job is supervising his bath, you need to do it or decline the job. At eleven, he probably hasn't gone through puberty yet and his p***s and testicles are probably still pretty small and undeveloped. At first it might be a little uncomfortable for you, maybe him to, but after a while you both should get used to it. Being light and having a sense of humor, maybe cracking some jokes, could help. Let us know how it turns out.
  5. Guest17016084
    Yea I bet guest16992981, I guess fantasy is a substitute for real life huh? Grow up and quit wasting others time.
  6. Guest16992981
    my mom bathes me until i was 13 and it did not bother me a bit, my babysitter did too; it will be fine
  7. Guest16726432
    suck him
  8. Guest16004181
    hey guet15979953 If you a guy-or obviously messed up-perhaps your still being bathed hmmmmm? get to a Doctor immediately-I bet your mom made you a sicko-makes my point. If your a female-you know that what you said is wrong-pedophiles say that all the time-if its consent what wrong with it? The double play on words will till put her in jail if anyone find out- I would hope your more mature than that-obviously you feel something is not right or you would not have asked-so DON'T!!!!
  9. Guest15979943
    If you and the boy are both comfortable with it then I think it is no big deal. He is already use to his mom seeing him. Not all people have hang-ups about being naked. If mom and her son are O.K. with it and you don't mind then I don't think you should make a big deal out of it.
  10. Guest15934536
    ask him if likes taking baths. when he says no tell him he can skip it tonight but he can't tell his mom or he'll get in trouble. than give him some candy and soda and let him run around the house while you call your 16 year old boyfriend. problem solved!
  11. Guest15884438
    DON'T DO IT, DON'T EVEN GO INTO THE BATHROOM-STAY OUT AND GIVE HIM HIS PRIVACY>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Your little voice n your head is dead on-it's wrong and you could get into hella trouble!!! Imagine a male being asked to do the same thing for a 11 yr old girl!!!!
  12. Guest15263632
    If you think you should do it, go ahead, just take your clothes off and be naked with him!! If you think it's OK, to be giving an 11 year old boy a bath, then it shouldn't be a problem with you being naked also. It shouldn't be any more embarrassing for you to be naked in front of him, then him naked in front of you. I'd say also that if the mom is still bathing him, then she is probably wiping his butt after he craps sure and do that also, and shake his little p***s when he gets done mine even want to feed him when he's hungry, wouldn't want him to choke trying to eat by himself.
  13. Guest15225311
    a did he put his d**k in ather you bathed him cause ill do the same thing am 24 but i still now you were trying to help but eleven year old boy but if you wanted to do it and he wanted you to do it i say its ok
  14. Guest15176143
    The Jerk lazy lawyers will get you no matter what....If you do risk being a s*x offender.... If you Dont help and he drowns , you will be asked why you didnt help and check on him. You cant win.... they will hang you for something IF any thing happens OR if the boy gets mad and blames you ect.... Welcome to American LAW ...... just pay a fee to the jerk in the HE does not have to EARN a living like the rest of us....
  15. Guest15052493
    yes yes and yes
  16. Guest14667051
    try going in naked it will make him more comfortable
  17. Guest14643068
    What is the big trouble about that? It is perfectly normal. My mother or a babysitter bathed me till 16 or 17.
  18. Guest14327578
    noway to inarrpropet im babysitting a two year old and 5year old tonight there mother has been friends with my mom foever and i will be uncomferble evan with the 2 year old considering im a girl and only 10 (muture for my age tho)and if i was that boy i would be freaked out i mean my mom i could handle but a stanger NO WAY
  19. Guest14017730
  20. Guest13571427
    i thing its no wrong with in indias villages people will give bath to their children till 12 13 so its not wrong
  21. Guest13290477
    There is not way any babysitters should be bathing any child older than 5 or 6. For those of you who have or do bath children this old-I hope the child tells someone in authority and the child is taken away from the parent and you, the sitter charged as a s*x offender. Sick and perverse doesn't cover this well enough.
  22. Guest13246126
    OK, maybe I was behind the times. I talked with my wife about it this afternoon when she got home from work. I asked her what she thought, and she kind of looked at me odd. She then asked me didn't I know our 15 year old son babysat for the two girls next door when their Mother was working the late shift a couple of times a month. Of course I said yeah, I know that. She then told me that our son bathed both the 9 and 11 year old girls before he sent them to bed. It seems the Mother asked if he minded doing it, as they both needed baths before they went to bed, and if he didn't do it they probably wouldn't do it themselves. I talked to him about it, and he told me that at first they were a bit defiant since they kind of played together in the yard and were friends, but after he told them that was his job, and their Mother had requested it, they didn't protest much. He says now it's no big deal to them and they are no longer embarrassed. They still play some in the yard, and he walks with them to the bus stop in the morning and waits till they get on the bus, and then he goes on to his stop. I had no idea about any of this but I guess it's quite common anymore.
  23. Guest13190535
    WhEn I was your age I babysat and bathed boys too. The oldest I bathed was 10. He was perfectly ok with it. Remember, he's used to his mother seeing him naked. And remember, I didn't just check up on the boy, I actually washed him as per the mother's instructions. There is nothing wrong with doing as the mother asks.
  24. Guest13186382
    I think I would do something to let the authorites know that the Mother, is off her rocker!!! A Mother shouldn't be bathing her 11 year old son, and definitely shouldn't be asking anyone else to do it either. Eleven is almost middle school. My Mother would have no more came into the bathroom when I was taking a bath at 11 years old then she would jump off a cliff. Just think if it was a Father, washing his 11 year old daughter, and then telling the 16 year old male babysitter to be sure and bathe her before she went to bed. Healthy Kids going into puberty should not be bathed by anyone but themselves!
  25. Guest13050999
    Just do as the mother says. If his Mom sees him naked then it will probably be OK if you also see him naked. Make sure you do not stare at his p***s especially if he gets a boner when you check on him.
  26. Guest12953185
    Do not bath the boy-he is entirely wway too old, you could be charged with child molestation Did you know that? Under no circumstances go into the bath room-you can knock on the door and see if he is matter what-follow your instincts.

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