16 and pregnant and so scared

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im 16 and 3 pregnant i still didnt tell my mam but i told my boyfriend but me and my boyfriend didnt plan on having a child its exciting that im gonna be a mother and a family:) but i dont wanna let down my mother after every thing she has been through.but i am gonna give birth to this baby and show my mother that i can be a good mam to this baby and i will and my boyfriend will be a good dad. but should i tell my mother now that i am pregnant but im scared to say anything to her i dont know how she will react please help people please

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    Tell your mom trust me hun, im 16 and found out I was pregnant and I freaked out. I tried hiding it but my mom noticed I kept throwing up so she got suspicious. my mom is so strict and controlling I really thought I was going to die from how mad she would be. once I sat her down and we talked about it, we cried and she hugged me. I know she was upset because she had a different future planned for me but now she still supports me and is making sure im getting the help I need. the best thing you can do is tell your mom and dad. they wont stop loving you. 9/10 times we probably freak out about how things are gonna be when its completely different

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