1500 watt roadpro wont power up red fault lite on no ac power

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1500 watt roadpro wont power up red fault lite on no ac power

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     Although you may have plugged everything thing in correctly and all fuses are good, that doesn't mean that you have enough power in reserve on your vehicle to work the inverter.  Here is a quick test to see.  Put on your PPE equipment (safety glasses, gloves, rubber sole shoes, etc). Unplug the power inverter.  Take a multi meter and check the volt and amps of the vehicle battery with nothing turn on and the car not running.  With a fully charged battery you should get about 13.5 volts and .5 amps +/- 1.0 amps.  If you do not get that, then the inverter will not work.  Now, turn on the car and any vehicle electronics ( lights, radio, GPS, heater) and check the volts and amps of the battery.  You should see a drop to about 12.4v on the meter. If you do not get that reading or higher your inverter will not work.  Now check the alternator.  See what amps it is pulling. If it is below the OEM limits then your inverter will not work.  Unfortuantly, most batteries in a car are never charger to 100%  which causes them to run on minimal charge.  

    Solutions:  1. Charge your car battery to 100% capacity and check the voltage.  2. Buy a larger alternator and battery with higher amps (usually called a heavy duty option on most trucks and cars)  3.  Have a mechanic install the inverter directly into your cars electronics (hard wire it)  4. Buy a deep cycle battery and use that as a carry along additional battery to plug the inverter to.  Only problem with this options is once the battery in drained it will stop working the inverter until you recharge the deep cycle battery.   

  2. Guest21946879

    yes i have this problem what can i do

  3. Guest13729499
    1500 wat road pro power inverter wont power up no ac power fuses good wires tight batteries good in a semi

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