Where to find a copy of the movie

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Thanks for the aid on my last question. The only sound I remember well is my favorite line from the leading lady. I want a copy now to get more details.

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  2. John

    You could probably find out more about her at this site.

    I look up the bios of my favorites in there. Put in her name, and key word actress, in their search, and you will probably get a lot of information on her. Another place to look for a copy of that movie, besides (search by actor) is

    they have sold that site, and I have the new web address somewhere, but I think you can still get there with that address.

    I have bought a lot of movies there, especially the old ones I cannot find anywhere else. Go to search under movies. I found it is VHS do not know if they have it in DVD.
    Let me tell you some necessary details as well

    Doug Fairbanks Jr would have been a young man in 38. Lots of movies I saw when I was a child, during WWII, were actually made before the war. So many of the leading men went to the service, and they had to drag out movies made before the war, to have something to run.

    The 30, especially the late 30 had gorgeous clothes. The 40s had some good styles, but the skirts went up a bit too much, and most women do not have great knees, unless you see the whole leg. Right above the knee is not a very attractive place to start.

    Danielle Darrieux was such a great beauty. She made films only in France until about the late 50s or early 60s, and then she made more over here.

    Before the war, there were not so many movies made in France. They were in the war much longer than we were, and in 38, I doubt it would have been possible to make a movie or star in one, unless you were a n**i sympathizer. So she must have come here to make movies.


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