14K JCM. <br>I have a pair earrings and when looking on the post of the earring it says 14K JCM.

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I want to know about different types of earrings, where can I get the earring, is there any harm in wearing earring, are their any non piercing earrings?

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  1. Kate Kinsela

    You can check out for some really beautiful and elegant earrings at the amber sceats jewellery online store at and choose the perfect earrings for your as they have a great collection with them.

  2. Tom Reeds

    Earrings are a part of jewellery which has its significance in different cultures. Many girls and women like to wear it Basically it is designed for girls. There are different designs available for the earrings. Emerald earrings for little girls are calm key, both gold and silver one. For children gold and silver earrings are the best. We cannot say that only plastic earrings are designed for little girls but they also wear gold and silver earrings because they want o have a better look.
    There is a website names where you can find the best earrings for little girls. All the earring are produced by keeping in mind the aesthetics, security and quality. Amethyst earring have a very pleasant effect on girls and you’re a girl will look like a princess by wearing those earrings.
    Normally for earrings one has to go for piercing but there are some earrings available which are called non-pierced earrings. Some of them are as follows:
    Clip on Earring: This is a unique and looks very good on most girls. It uses pressure to hold itself in the ear around the earlobe. This type of earring was introduced long time ago but it is still very much in the fashion.
    Magnetic Earring use magnet to hold itself together in place by a magnetic force. It looks like a pierced earring.
    Stick on earrings are the earrings which get stick to the skin and they also give the look of pierced earrings. They are considered as a very unique and novelty item.
    Spring hoop earrings stay in their positions by means of springs which hold it together by a wire or even just by the portion of a its end to get attached to earlobe.
    There are also ear hook earrings which resemble a fish, they are large earrings and they hang over the ear.

    In case of pierced earrings you should be aware that the needles you are using should be sterilized so that there is less chance of bacterial infection.

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