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  1. Ali Abdullah
    Hi, Debbie, folks nowadays seem to be quite concerned with the markings on jewelry. In the USA, the marking code is fairly simple. What is required is nothing or "everything". What? Jewelry does not have to be marked with a quality mark (the karat mark), however no manufacturer is going to do that since selling unmarked items is not sensible. "Everything" means if the item has a quality mark (the 14k on your earring posts), then the maker must also mark the item with the makers mark. This is like signing a check to say it is valid. The maker is responsible for the karat of the metal and that the metal is as stamped. Debbie, I suspect your earrings are what the mark indicates. The JCM would be the makers mark, done according to US code. There is a large jewelry manufacturer in Thailand with the initials JCM but I do not know if your earrings are their product or not. So much jewelry is made overseas and Thailand produces bundles of jewelry for export to countries like the USA. When exported to a country, the jewelry is supposed to meet the marking standards of the country where the items will be sold. I hope this helps.

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