11 suspected al Qaeda cell members arrested in Saudi Arabia

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11 suspected al Qaeda cell members arrested in Saudi Arabia

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  1. Red Brick
    Eleven people believed to be members of an al Qaeda cell were arrested in the mountains of southern Saudi Arabia, government officials said Tuesday. The group had plans to “attack policemen, kidnap local citizens, and rob banks in order to finance their terrorist activities,” said Gen. Mansoor al Turki, spokesman for the Saudi Ministry of Interior. He described the group as a “cell” and said members had “hidden their weapons buried in the ground.” The weapons were recovered, he said. All of those arrested were Saudis, al Turki said, but did not know their identities yet. The group was “not working alone,” he said. “They were in touch with al Qaeda elements outside Saudi Arabia.” Those elements, the spokesman said, “were directing the cell’s operations.

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