02 nissan altima flooding out

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02 nissan altima flooding out

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  1. Shana Shalmon

     Scan your car with Nissan tech tools to determine the problem of your oil leakage. Make an investment of $100 to have a professional diagnose the problem, and check with some online expert advice to find the reason of your car oil leak and solution to make it properly resolve. To get more on this topic check this online engine repair page,where you can find a solution to your car problem.

  2. Ali Abdullah
    Hi, I own a '02 2.5 Altima with 112K miles. The car floods out, won't start, the fuel dilutes the crankcase oil causing it to burn. Why does the car flood out? The head gasket is gone allowing coolant to foul the plugs, thus the high coolant consumption. The cat is gone too, I am told, from coolant contamination. Estimate to repair is $1500. I have already replaced the O2 sensors to the tune of $600. Nissan should own up to this defect. The cylinder head gasket effectively creates a seal between the cylinder head and the block of a gas or diesel engine. It is an integral part of the engine and requires a high level of maintenance to maintain integrity and to not fail. Many things can cause the failure of the head gasket, from engine failure to overheating. The head gasket must maintain the seal around the combustion chamber and be able to hold that seal at operating temperature and cylinder peak pressures. It must maintain a strong seal against pressured air, coolants, oils and combustion itself, thus the materials used in and about the design of the gasket must be thermally and chemically resistant to the products of combustion, oil and coolants used in the engine. After assembly, the cylinder head gasket becomes the seal between the bottom of the motor and the head. With engines ranging in size from one cylinder gasoline fired engines up to twelve cylinder, turbocharged or supercharged high-compression diesels, the material and design of the gasket is paramount to it's functional life span. Every vehicle has a specific head gasket that's required and molded during the design process. Many specific parameters enter into the design theory and support, however only one concern is what we recommend to customers, and that is quality. As cheaper, less quality head gaskets can lead to premature overheating issues, or even worse head gasket failure, we always advise our customers to purchase only the best in quality, material and designs. Our OEM replacement head gaskets are just what you need to get your vehicle in working order again. We've got the replacement head gaskets to keep your car in tip-top condition while saving you up to 70% off dealer pricing. Commonly Asked Cylinder Head Gasket questions about our OEMSPEC Program Q. How do I know my Head gasket is not warped or torn? A. Some early signs that your cylinder head gasket might be bad is premature overheating, or a tendency to overheat quickly. Also check your oil cap, if there is a sludgy material underneath the cap, that means that coolant and oil are mixing someplace and creating this sludgy material. Check for this material in your coolant overflow tank and / or your radiator. More severe problems are a sweet smelling exhaust, or losing coolant rapidly. Q. Do I need anything else when I am replacing my head gasket? A. We recommend that you take your head(s) for proper surfacing depending on the type of failure your head gasket experienced. Also you might want to ask your mechanic if your block is within spec and / or requires further machining. The head and block must be surfaced and prepped properly before assembly begins to ensure a proper seal Well, I checked the engine compression. Here were the results. I had a local independent mechanic do the tests. He told me these numbers were middle of the road... 1-140 2-145 3-145 4-145 Atlimas compressions should be 190 lbs.

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