How Atrial Fibrillation is diagnosed?

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I heard about the atrial fibrillation and want to know about this disease. Anyone knows about the atrial fibrillation and how it is diagnosed. Does anyone know about it? Please share your knowledge with me!

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  1. Judi

     Atrial fibrillation (AF or AFib) is the majority ordinary irregular heart rhythm that mobilises within the atria. Instead of the SA node (sinus node) managing the electrical rhythm, a lot unlike instincts quickly flame at once, inflicting a very quick, chaotic rhythm within the atria. Because the electrical instincts are so quick and chaotic, the atria cannot contract and/or tighten blood efficiently into the ventricle. Instead of the instinct traveling within an systematic manner across the heart, a lot instincts make a start at the corresponding moment and transmit across the atria, competing for a prospect towards drift across the AV node. The AV node boundaries the diagrams of instincts that drift towards the ventricles, but a lot instinct receive across within a speedy and softened manner. The ventricles contract irregularly, directing towards a swift and irregular heartbeat. The rate of instincts within the atria can range from 300 towards 600 rhythms per minute.
    The most commonly used tests to diagnose atrial fibrillation include: The ECG draws a film onto graph paper of the electric instincts traveling across the heart muscle. An EKG provides an electric snapshot of the heart. A small exterior recorder is dilapidated over a petite period of time, usually one to three days. Electrodes are positioned on the skin of your chest. Wires are attached from the electrodes to the monitor. Monitor, which worn for about a month for patients, who have less frequent irregular heartbeat episodes and symptoms. Electrodes are located on the skin of your chest. When you evolve symptoms of atrial fibrillation, a narrow piece of your present heart tempo can be conveyed to your doctor’s agency over the phone, utilising supervises with two bracelets or by putting supervise contrary to your barrel wall.

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