What are some good Love songs by different singers?

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I want to listen to some good love songs, their bands name, solo singer names, their band history, when and how they started singing?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    There are different bands, solo singers who have some great love songs. It depends upon what kind of music you like. Like for instance if you want to listen to some soft music then there are different bands and solo singers who have many best love songs. There are some rock bands as well who have some love songs and they have become popular.
    If you do for Techno and Trance then you can listen to “Schiller”. It has some very nice love songs. Some of his good love songs are (Breathe) and (Dream of you). Enigma has some of very best songs which are quite unique from other bands. It has a very nice and soft song named (Once in a lifetime). This is a very emotional and soft song, on the other hand there are some hard love songs of Enigma, which are (Mirrored in your eyes), (I love you l will kill you).
    Another good music band is Ace of Base, most of its songs are love and relationship based. Some of its good songs are (Wheels of Fortune),(Beautiful life).
    Other good love songs are (Fields of Gold) from Sting, (With or without you) by U2.
    A very popular and a good love song is (Take you to the moon and back) by Savage Garden. (Everything I do by Bryan Adams). Evanescence is very unique rock band and you should listen to it. It also some very wonderful songs with some of the very best lyrics in the music industry. Its famous songs are (Bring me to life),(My last breath).

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