How do you tell when I am ready for Pointe?

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Well, I have a question. I am 11 years of age and my height is 5 feet and 3 inches. I have been doing ballet for a while I did ballet when I was 4 years old and then left it at 7 due to some physical problems.
I have again stated ballet dancing at the age of ten and now I am eleven years old and doing fairly good in almost every ballet dancing technique. I drink lots and lots of calcium to keep my bones fit and to avoid injuries.
Now for the first time now I will try Pointe ballet in my class but I am scared of getting any injury that might be a hindrance in my career and I was also wondering if I have to be a certain weight for Pointe?
Please help me with these problems. Thanks.

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  1. Sash

     It is one of the most frequently asked questions by fresh ballet dancers that if they can start Pointe ballet dancing without getting injury. Well first of all I would recommend that you should consult your physiologist and therapist about this matter and seek his advice in this regard. If after a few tests you are approved to be physically fit then you will not have any hurdle in doing the Pointe work, as it is the basics of learning the professional art of ballet dancing.
    Secondly, you will be formally evaluated by your ballet teacher or instructor to determine whether or not you are physically ready to meet the demands of Pointe work. The teacher should check for correct body positions and alignment, sufficient turnout, strength and balance, and mastery of basic ballet techniques before taking you up for the class.
    So I recommend that you go ahead with all the tests and procedures to make sure if you are fit enough or not and stop worrying about it without any cause.

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